From initiating events for cyclists to bringing and executing infrastructural schemes that encourage safe cycling, cities around the world are coming out aware and making roads more bike-friendly. Such plans are performing dual function: encouraging sustainable mode of transportation and plummeting pollution.

So, if you are a keen biker or a traveler who loves to explore over pedal, do take a look at these cycles-loving countries of the world. Bring out your bicycle and enjoy the ride of your life.



Copenhagen Denmark

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Where: Denmark

The city is undoubtedly a deserving winner of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities of the world in 2014. The place is not only about the serene cobbled stoned streets that stands out, but the striking sight of people wearing skirts, trainers, even hijabis that are using bicycles to go to their destinations. It is fascinating to note that for most Danes cycling are not a type of exercise, in fact it is ‘only’ one of the ‘fastest’ forms of conveyance.


Cycling in Amsterdam

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Where: Netherland

With the population of around 8, 00,000 people, the city of Amsterdam has 8, 00,000 bicycles, explaining its love for the mode of bicycle.  The city has been termed as the most cycleable city of the world in the year 2013. More on that there is a scenario that has come where government has to work over a plan to tackle the bicycle traffic and construct more parking areas for the riders.


cycling in kyoto

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Where: Japan

The city of Kyoto is among the Asia’s most cycle- loving city, as it provides the most picturesque roads to dive on, where motor cycle drivers ride with patience, helping you to satisfy your hunger for the scenic landscapes during the ride. For those of you travelling to the place, make sure cycle on the left and drive on your left moreover always park it in the bicycle parking zones. According to the law, the place only allows you to drive at night with a biker light on the head of the cycle.


cycling in berlin

Where: Germany

Berlin has got everything that promotes cycling on the road as it has – demarcated cycling lanes on roads, special traffic signals on major routes and self policing measures. The friendliness of the authorities depends on the responsible behavior of the cyclists as for instance you should not drink and drive and if you would, then it’s obvious to experience some major fines.


cycling in peris

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Where: France

The place becomes all the way more beautiful when you cycle through the serene and dual lanes, adjacent to the traffic lanes. The city believes “La ville est plus belle a velo” which translates to the meaning explaining ‘the city is more beautiful by bike’- a tag line printed on the cycle service card in Paris. Travel to this most romantic city on bicycle and you will be thrilled to overview it from a different and much better angle.

Cape Town

cycling in cape town

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Where: South Africa

The stunning city of Cape Town has several cycle friendly routes for the people who believe to use bicycles as the mode of transportation on daily bases. Moreover the authorities of the region are pretty much in concern for the safety of the cyclists: there are green paths for them and the bus services that gives you the permission of the bringing your cycle onboard while traveling. Promoting more to this means, there is Cape Town cycle tour organized every year, where around 35,000 cyclists takes part.


cycling in bogota

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Where: Colombia

Columbia is a country which brings the equality in the society by building a comprehensive network of bike paths, known as ciclorrutas for cyclists. A place where car stands for the status, there are number of cycle followers in the region breaking these perceptions.  The best way to enjoy the ride is during Sunday at the event of Ciclovia, when roads are closed for other vehicles and cyclists get time to ride to the range of stretched 100 km.


cycling in barcelona

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Where: Spain

To promote small and medium routes to travel on cycles, a bike sharing was being initiated I the year 2007 and soon after that Barcelona came much higher on the list of the most cycle- friendly cities of the world. Though the city is not located on hills, almost every distance can be traveled on cycle. So whether you are tourists or a resident you can directly enjoy cycling on the biking paths.


cycling in montreal

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Where: Canada

Even when the city is hillier, you will still notice people using cycles as a means of going from one place to another. The place has a cycling structure from the 1980’s, crediting to its 600km bike route and bixi (bike rental) system, is becoming a famous cycling destination of North America. The city loves the idea of cycling so much that even the parks have separated pathways for cycling and other recreational activities.


cycling in moscow

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Where: Russia

Despite the chilling cold weather of the place, summers brings in the opportunities to go cycling around the city streets. Moreover in 2013, the bank of Moscow funded around 1,000 bikes and 79 rental points to promote this means of transport. One can avail the services for free for first half an hour and later 60p if you have given a registration free to utilize the services.

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