Are you willing to travel to a hill station this year during the holidays? Don’t worry, it is the time to take a trip in the most beautiful places of the country. Any guesses? No? The name is McLeod Ganj situated in the Kangra districts of the Himachal. This is the place is on the Hanuman ka Tibba the highest peak in the Dhauladhar Mt. Range.

The place is filled with Dharamshalas which were earlier used by the Tibetan missionaries. These were also the rest house of the Hindus. This is the place where the second Anglo Sikh War took place.

Climatic Conditions:

McLeod Ganj is a place which reaches below the freezing point during the winter season, but the summers are hot and dry. The temperature during the summer times can even reach up to 38 degree Celsius. During the monsoon the hill station experiences heavy rainfall, but the temperature remain low. A pleasant weather is maintained all around the year and is a good place to spend the holidays.McLeod Ganj

Places of Interest:

McLeod Ganj is of the most popular places the tourists visit around the year. McLeod Ganj is famous for the handicrafts of Tibet, like carpets, garments and many other things. The Tsuglagkhang Temple was a very old Temple built in the 17th century. There are other religious places called the Chamunda, Chinmaya Tapovan, and The Osho retreat center.

Places commonly visited by the tourists are; the Triund hill which is famous for its trekking scopes, St. John in the Wilderness is a place located in the forest regions of Fosyth Ganj, here in the forest areas an old graveyard of the Lord Elgin the then Viceroy of the state is present and a church built from neo gothic rock. The Lady Elgin also donated some Belgium stained glass windows which is also an attraction for the tourists. Dal Lake is the most famous place here. Towns like Dharamshala, Palampur, Kangra are some important place around the McLeod Ganj. Bhagsu’s waterfall is another place of attraction for the tourists. This is a place about whom you need to understand and enjoy the beauty of the place in such a way.

Many NGOs are developed around the McLeod Ganj where many different activities take place to improve the condition of the Tibetan refugees living there. Your little coordination can be helpful for these people and thus helping to live a proper healthy life.

How to visit this lonesome place and enjoy some quality time?

Those days are no more where people used to spend time on the journey and that also in an unsafe way. These day transportation has made it easier for the tourists from long distances to travel faster and in a comfortable manner from one place to another.

McLeod Ganj is well connected with the Kangra station if one is trying to travel by train. Near Kangra there is an airport called Ganggal where one can visit and continue till McLeod Ganj. Busses are available from Pathankot a place near Kangra valley.