Chidambaram is a city in the southern condition of Tamil Nadu in India with a populace of around nearly one lakhs individuals. Chidambaram tourism boasts of an extravagant mix of culture, art and music, and is second to none when it comes in comparison with the rich social legacy of India. The city captures every visitor at the very instance and the holy aura of the place casts a spell of divine enlightenment to anyone who visits the city.

chidambaram temple

Chidambaram brims with temples and religious sites. The most popular amongst the lot is the Nataraja temple. This ancient temple is considered to be the top fascination of the visitors to this city. Set in the heart of the city and covering a vast land of about 40 acres of land, the temple has a gold plated rooftop that towers it. Non-hindus are also allowed inside the complex of the temple but not inside the gold plated sanctum that houses the idol. The Deity is spoken to by the five components of the universe known as the Akasha Lingam or the Lingam of Space. One interesting element of the temple is the marvelous and amazed Nataraja picture of Shiva. The sanctuary mirrors a centuries old design event and the enormous towers towards the eastern side of the temple ascends to a stature of over 40 meters. It is believed that inside this very temple, over a 100 types of traditional Bharatanatyam dance forms originated.


There is not much places to visit in Chidambaram other than the temples. Sightseeing options in Chidambaram consists of trips to the temples and learning about it. There are very few options other than that. However, there are a few places near Chidambaram that you can visit. Set about 16 kms from Chidambaram is a place called Pichavaram, home to an enormous mangrove woodland. Here, in this place you can avail options to get yourself involved in outdoor activities like paddling and parasailing. The enormous sandbar that keeps the ocean out can be approached by a boat. TTDC gives sculling offices, lodging, and an eatery for those who’d rather not convey an excursion hamper.
The best time to visit Chidambaram is during the festive seasons. Time your visit according to the time festivals take place in the temples. The biggest festival called the Natyanjali festival takes place around the end of February. This is the festival of classical Indian dance and attracts thousands of people from all over the world every year.


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