Europe has some of the most amazing natural features such as great mountains, large rivers, valleys etc. Below are some of the best road trips that will give you a spectacular view of these features.Ring Road, Iceland

Ring Road, Iceland

• This is a road like no other.

• It involves great adventure full of surprises over 1.83 miles distance.

• It has beautiful lava formations which mingle with snow-capped mountains creating a spectacular view.

• It has many other epics and without a doubt unforgettable feature such as relaxing in natural hot springs, a view of the erupting geysers, exploring volcanic craters and walking on ancient ice of glaciers.Applecross from Glasgow, Scotland

Applecross from Glasgow, Scotland

• This is a 200 mile drive that commences in Glasgow, passes through the Highlands, and emerges in the beautiful west coast.

• It is without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful road trips.Transfagarasan, Romania

Transfagarasan, Romania

• This mountain road also known as the National road 7C is one of the most spectacular roads worldwide. It therefore is an ideal destination for a road trip.

• It has a distance of 56 miles.

• It starts off in the green fields of rural Romania, passes through Fagaras Mountains, part of the Transylvanian Alps, and Dracula’s castle.

• Some bridges along this highway seem to be above other bridges as a result of the twists and turns of the road as it snakes along the route.

• There is a dam forming part of this highway, and the realization that you are driving on a dam is breath taking.

Great Alpine Road, France

• It is a 684 km long route.

• This route will take you from Geneva to the Mediterranean through some of the highest and beautiful mountains in Europe. It ends in the authentic village of Menton.

• It gives you an extraordinary driving experience at any time of the year

• It has a beautiful and very powerful scenic punch taking you through valleys, mountains, forests, great rivers, farms, vineyards and historical villages.

Romantic Road, Germany

• It is a very charming road trip that was originally a medieval trade route. It still possesses its medieval characteristics.

• It passes through some parts of the beautiful abandoned countryside, connecting to some small towns and quite picturesque villages.

• Expect to come across walled towns which have arched gateways as well as the towers. Inside the walls there are gothic churches, houses half made of timber, and many more great historical buildings.

Switzerland, France, Italy

• This is quite for a Grand tour across Europe.

• It starts on Geneva’s Lake, heading to south shore, passing from Switzerland to France.

• It involves a distance of 500 miles, which has a spectacular scene with lots of mountains, great Italian food, glamorous coast, the 7-mile Mont- Blanc tunnel under the highest Alp, which will give you a strange thrill, twisty Apennine roads on the north of Florence which will bring an unforgettable driving experience.

• It involves driving deep into Aosta valley. Having learnt about these it would thus be advisable that you take you dsa driving test, if you haven’t, so that you can get to take a tour and have an amazing view of what nature offers.

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