June is a great time for travelling. The weather is perfectly warm and sunny, but school vacation crowds haven’t yet arrived. The beach is peaceful (and hasn’t yet become a busy, noisy sandcastle construction site).

Take advantage of early summer this year and enjoy less crowded resorts at cheaper prices. Who can wait until August anyway? You definitely won’t want to, after you have seen our pick of the 20 best destinations to spend your June

1. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, 73 °F


The Canary Islands are no holiday secret, but June is the perfect time to avoid the mob. Explore the island’s beauty without other tourists blocking your way and ruining the photo. Temperatures are pleasantly moderate and allow both relaxing at the beach and exploring the city without breaking in a sweat.

Fuerteventura has a special place in the Canary archipelago, as it is the oldest island and probably the most spectacular as well. The more than 150 beaches around the island are said to be among the most beautiful in the world, ranging from picture-perfect white to fine black sand that make for an interesting contrast to the glistening ocean.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany, 61 °F


It comes as no surprise that Neuschwanstein Castle has been named the most magical castle in the world by many tourists and travelling websites alike. Located on a hill overlooking southern Germany, this 19th-century castle looks like it came straight from a fairy tale. With all its dreamy castle towers and romantic chambers, it’s not hard to imagine how glamorous life for a princess must have been at Neuschwanstein.

Usually, the Castle is completely packed with tourists, but June is a relatively quiet month as the snow has gone but temperatures are still rather low. Make sure to book your ticket in advance to skip queues and arrive early.

3. Dettifoss, Iceland, 48 °F


Watching the Northern Lights against a magical background of steep glaciers and endlessly frozen terrains sounds great. But you don’t have to suffer through blistering 20 °F to experience Iceland’s beauty. June is the perfect time to visit if you prefer longer days and sunshine as summer solstice falls on the 21st of the month.

The Dettifoss waterfall is located about two hours from Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest urban area. Visit Europe’s most powerful waterfall to get a feeling for the raw, natural wonders the island has to offer.

4. Osaka, Japan, 75 °F


Japan’s northern metropole, Tokyo, has become a travel favourite with tourists from all over the world. The contrast of modern neon-lights and freaky robots to calm, peaceful temples is fascinating. But Tokyo is not necessarily the best place to start when you’re visiting the country for the first time.

Osaka, Japan’s southern biggest city, is far more conveniently located if you want to experience both the city’s buzzing lights and the off-track magical temples. Just 30 minutes from Kyoto or Nara and one hour from Koyasan, an enchanting Buddhist graveyard in the mountains, Osaka gives you more options to conveniently explore the hidden side of Japan.

5. Lake Louise, Canada, 55 °F


Not your usual beach holiday but certainly more adventurous; Lake Louise in Banff is one of Canada’s finest nature resorts. Two hours by car from Calgary, Banff National Park stuns with crystal-clear water against white mountain tops.

June will still be chilly, especially as you ascend the mountains for a breath-taking view of the lake, but the hike will be even more exciting with the prospect of a bath in the natural hot springs. Fresh mountain air, steaming hot waters, the smell of pines – relaxing in nature has never felt better.

6. Galapagos Islands, 70 °F


The Galapagos Islands are famous for their giant turtles and stunning volcanic landscape. Combine the two and you get yourself a one-of-a-kind holiday you won’t forget. June is a great month to experience the exotic wildlife as animals are more active and temperatures have cooled down to allow for a more relaxed safari tour.

Get ready for spending a lot of time on boats, since cruises are the only option to see some of the island’s more remote sights. You can choose between large cruise ships, which offer more comfortable standards for those suffering from motion sickness, or opt for a small chartered boat to navigate more freely to wherever the breeze takes you.

7. Crete, Greece, 75 °F


Showcasing one of the most contrasting landscapes in the world, Crete will charm absolutely anyone with its amazing variety of beautiful nature and romantic villages as Roman and Turkish history come together to form this culturally rich island.

Historic aqueducts, colourful stone houses, white sand beaches or rugged mountains – you name it. Get in the car and explore the ancient sights and hidden caves before ending the day at a local taverna, where you can try “Raki”, a traditional drink, similar to Italian grappa.

8. Barcelona, Spain, 61 °F


Definitely no travel secret but worth seeing none the less; Barcelona is a must for anyone interested in European history and architecture. The quirky Casa Batlló by star architect Gaudí is just one of the many bold and extravagant buildings in Spain’s capital worth visiting. Traditional Catalan Gothic architecture mixes with modern structures to create the stylish laidback urban vibe that Barcelona is so popular for.

9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 61 °F


Kuala Lumpur is not typically as popular as other Asian metropolises, such as Tokyo or Seoul – but that is going to change soon. No other place merges natural wonders, upmarket shopping and a rich, unique history like Malaysia’s capital.

Founded as a Chinese mining outpost and later under British administration, Kuala Lumpur’s culture is a colourful and bold mix of many influences. Rapid economic growth during the early 90s has helped this city become a flourishing, dynamic city not to miss.

10. Marrakesh, Morocco, 75 °F


The Medina, Marrakesh’s historical city centre, is the best place to start if you want to get a taste for Arabic architecture, busy street markets and Islamic traditions. Go shopping for leather work, tea, spices and delicate jewellery before recharging at one of the many authentic palaces and beautiful gardens.

You can easily get lost in the narrow pathways and overwhelming market alleys for days on end without feeling bored. Luckily, a massage at a local Hammam won’t cost you much and can refresh tired feet and aching backs in a heartbeat.

11. Seoul, South Korea, 70 °F


A paradise for fashionistas and beauty fanatics, Seoul will literally make you shop until you drop. With opening times until well after midnight, Korea’s capital never sleeps on an opportunity to swallow your money with cute skincare masks. Plus, you will gladly let them after a few rounds of sweet Makkoli, a delicious Korean rice wine.

The party scene in Seoul is top-notch. Fancy clubs, designer bars and a buzzing nightlife make going out extra fun. The locals will be happy to dance the night away with you, so don’t be shy and mingle with the crowd.

12. Cornwall, United Kingdom, 57 °F


Cornwall can be a lot more exciting than its reputation might suggest and June is just the perfect time to find out why. Some of the country’s most beautiful beaches are located in the south west, such as Bedruthan Steps. The picturesque lush surroundings, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches will make you forget you are in rainy England in no time.

Pretty fishing villages, like Fowey on the south coast, invite for exploring the narrow, intricate streets and hidden pubs. Needless to say, that Fish & Chips have never tasted greater than right at the English seaside. With all that Cornish clotted cream, fresh scones and juicy steak pies, you will soon be doubting those nasty clichés about the British cuisine.

13. Monaco, 70 °F


The French Riviera is one of the most opulent, extravagant and posh holiday destinations in the world, with big names like Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Nice oozing glamour like nowhere else.

Amongst all, Monaco certainly stands out as a celebrity favourite for a reason. The medieval centre of the city charms with beautiful dreamy passageways and pompous architecture, with luxury boutiques and trendy espresso bars scattered throughout. If you can’t afford to hire a private yacht for a day to sunbath in real celebrity fashion, head to La Condamine, Monaco’s second oldest district, to marvel at the impressive cruise ships of millionaires on holidays.

14. Cape Town, South Africa, 55 °F


Once a fairly dangerous travel destination, Cape Town’s image has luckily changed over the last few decades into a stunning and iconic city you just have to visit!

The rich political history of South Africa has clearly influenced the overall look of the place; mosques are standing next to colonial castles and war memorials that make Cape Town a vibrant melting pot of culture. Plenty of museums and galleries could keep you busy for days, before you head to the beach to breathe in the southern Atlantic Ocean breeze and watch seals relax at the waterfront.

15. Kauai, Hawaii, 79 °F


The so-called “Garden Island” offers unequalled alluring flora and fauna with some of the lushest tropical vegetation and waterfalls in the world. Whether you are looking for world-class surfing spots or adventurous hiking paths with a rewarding view, Hawaii’s northwest is the place to go.

Affordable flights from the US make this tropical island a great opportunity to escape the daily grind without having to break a leg to get there. If the Galapagos Islands are too far away for you, Kauai might be the just-as-good alternative you have been searching for.

16. Reine, Norway, 46 °F


June is the perfect time to explore some of those colder European countries without having to suffer through freezing temperatures during your holidays. The Lofoten Islands are one of the most picturesque fjords of Scandinavia. You can marvel at the view from the mountaintop of Reinebringen after a quick but steep hike or opt for a breath-taking panorama of the white sand beaches against granite and lush vegetation on the ferry.

The warmer months offer the possibility of kayaking, biking or camping to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Any outdoor-lover will have the time of their life in these incomparable scenic attractions.

17. Zanzibar, Tanzania, 77 °F


Zanzibar feels like absolute paradise on earth. Not only can you experience the purest white sand you have ever seen, but also take advantage of unique street markets, stone alleys and historic sights to balance all the lazy sunbathing at the beach.

Kitesurfing, deep sea fishing or cycling adventures will take you around the marvellous coastline and keep you busy when palm trees and cocktails on the beach have become boring.

18. Scotland, United Kingdom, 55 °F


A dazzling mixture of historic castles and endless valleys of green make Scotland an amazing destination for any nature-lover. Tantallon Castle is just one of many impressive remains of the country’s history. Some castles, like Tantallon, haven’t been restored and now stand as magical ruins of a once glorious past.

Others, like Balmoral Castle in the north east, are found in perfect shape to let you wander through authentically decorated chambers and beautiful castle gardens.

Rent a car and explore the surrounding lochs and eerie waterfalls tucked away in the Scottish countryside. Although you can easily book a guided bus tour from either of the larger cities, only driving yourself will allow you to explore the adventurous, steep highland roads in your own pace and enjoy the views as long as you would like to.

19. Suva, Fiji, 76 °F


June is a great time to visit Suva, located on the eastern side of the main island of Fiji. Temperatures will have fallen to a pleasant level whilst still hot enough to enjoy spending the day at the beach. Most parts of the Fiji Islands will start losing its natural beauty as the dry season turns vegetation into brown hills but not so the east coast.

Gigantic palm trees and dense rainforests make this island exceptionally gorgeous. Perfectly white sand and vibrant turquoise water invite for sunbathing at its finest. But don’t miss out on exploring the inland! Elegant waterfalls pour into crisp pools you can swim in as you gaze at the surrounding scenery.

20. Faroe Islands, Denmark, 48 °F


Located in between our other picks Scotland, Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands have their own unique qualities that will make you want to visit in a heartbeat. Deep-blue waters and intensely green valleys will impress even the best-travelled nature-lover.

June is the ideal time to visit as the weather is warm enough to for a pleasant stay, yet crowds haven’t arrived, preserving the peaceful atmosphere that makes the islands so attractive.

Whether you end up spending your June on a tropical beach for that early summer tan or you are taking advantage of mild temperatures in colder countries to go for long strolls in nature – book early to get the best prices on flights and hotels now.