Surat is generally known as the City of Diamonds for it produces and engages in around 92% of the world’s diamond exports yearly. It is a city throbbing with life and vitality. Surat was one of India’s most prosperous urban ranges till the British moved their trade center to Bombay. By then, bit by bit Surat saw a decline in its magnificence and power. So before you set out to take a tour around this city, why not get some basics clear about it?


Since this super industrialized city is located at a distance of some 450 km from Pune, you can always enquire about the Pune to Surat train timetable and if doesn’t suit you much, why not hit the roads? Be it for a conference, going to a relative or essentially for a recreational weekend, one has a great deal of choices to explore in this throbbing city of Surat. Even the inhabitants here have hearts as shining as diamonds. Here’s a rundown of the finest spots that you should not miss while in Surat.


European Tombs

european tombs surat

These British and Dutch mausoleums of the sixteenth century are phenomenally affected by the local Hindu and Islamic architecture and planning. Likewise, in close vicinity is the Armenian churchyard where there are tombs that are not that large in structure, yet have amazing engravings. These tombs are all secured historical points of interest and photography is limited around there.


Dumas Beach

dumas beach

Dumas Beach is at a distance of 16 km from the city and is a renowned destination among locals. Found toward the south west of Surat, Dumas is a prevalent beach destination among tourists and is famous for its black sand. The palm and casuarinas flanked sea shores of Dumas are the highlight of the entire site, and tourists who are looking for a few snippets of quietness and comfort around Surat swear by this spot.


Hazira Port

hazira port surat

Hazira Port lies on the creek of the Arabian Sea and is known for the two sulfur and iron rich wells. The proximity of this port to the Persian Gulf has a very vital part in a couple of petrochemical extends that have contributed towards the overall development of the country. The Hazira Port is very well connected with the Arabian Sea through the Gulf of Khambhat which lies in the extreme west of Gujarat.


Surat Castle

surat castle

Surat Castle, also known as the Old Fort, is one of the legacy milestones in Surat. Built in the sixteenth century by the Gujarat Sultanate, this castle served as a guarding post against the Portuguese. Today, Surat Castle houses diverse government offices of Surat.



nargol beach

Nargol is a residential community and a serene beach retreat in the Valasad area of Gujarat, located around 30 km from the NH8. While the Nargol beach boasts of a considerable population of sea turtles, the Casuarina trees flanking the water body make it look all the more engaging. The unexplored town which is especially connected by both road and rail is home to an Agiary/fire temple that is frequented by Parsis from the surrounding towns and Mumbai and Sri Swami Narayan Temple.

These are the significant attractions of Surat which for beyond any doubt will stay in your mind for eternity. So make good use of the online travel apps to get your itinerary planned, tickets booked, and even get a PNR prediction for your train, and set out for the unseen, lesser known jewels that lace the city of Surat. Have a great trip!