Going to the zoo is not really the same as planning a real trip into the wild life. If this is what you have in mind, then going on safari holidays is a must to find the perfect blend of adventure and romance. Travelling around the world with your partner to reach that perfect isolated safari camp will be a trip to remember for life. Being right in the middle of nature and the wildlife itself will also create a special romantic and adventurous experience for you as a newlywed couple. Let’s see more about what is available for you and how to plan the perfect couple safari trip this summer.

Memorable Travel Experiences


Safaris are the most memorable travelling experiences because you do not have the chance to go there too often, sometimes only once in lifetime and because you will discover new interesting things that cannot be encountered in any other type of travel adventure. The African dessert just has something special that lures travellers in search of adventure from around the world. Just the thought of encountering wild animals while also enjoying the luxurious resort conditions makes this experience a totally unique one. Luxury and the wildlife combining in one experience – this is actually the real perfect blend of adventure and romance!

A Wide Variety of African Attractions


The wide variety of African attractions during the trip as well as the rides you will engage in fancy jeeps will create new memories for you to remember. If you are planning on going there for your honeymoon holidays, you should know that it will not be a weird choice at all. Numerous couples decide to go on safari holidays for their honeymoon because they offer themselves the chance to have it all this way: discover the wildlife, sleep in luxurious conditions, engage in long walks with their partners, see wild animals in their natural habitat and other interesting safari holidays.

The Perfect Honeymoon on Safari


The honeymoon is a very special event in your life and the life of your partner. You must share an amazing experience together with this occasion and we could think of none better than a safari trip to Africa if travelling to exotic locations and discovering the wildlife are on your to-do-list of things.

When you decide to go on African Safari Holidays you should know right from the start that this will not be a passive experience for you as a couple. You will not only get a glimpse of wildlife but actually live in their untamed world and be surrounded by their charm and drama at the same time. Each square meter of the African safari road is special and what you will gain during this trip are personalised moments that you will never forget and which will always remain in your heart as a tribute for your honeymoon.

Safari and Beach Experiences

If you can take more than just a couple of days for your special Safari holidays you can enjoy both the travelling experience and the wonders of being at the beach. The African region is full of amazing locations for you to consider when planning your holiday. Going into the wild and then enjoying the rest of the itinerary on the beach can also become the best experience of your life.

There are two weeks itineraries that you can choose for your honeymoon travel to get to South Africa and the Seychelles for example. First you start with the adventure of the dessert and discover all about the wild life in the South Africa’s Sabi Game Reserve. Then the itinerary will take you onto the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles. Get adventure and romance in one trip at the end of which you will get the feeling that you have seen and lived it all!

The honeymoon experience is very important in the life of a couple. Make no compromise when it comes to planning it and choose the perfect exotic locations for the most romantic travel of your life. Going on safari holidays is the best choice this year especially of you have not lived a similar experience before.