Agra is an epitome of creativity that evolved during the Mughal age. With majestic palaces and memorials standing amidst sprawling gardens, Agra is glorious.

The symbol of love- Taj Mahal

symbol of love

Considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal is the gem of India. This pure white marble structure, studded with semi precious stones and intricate designs is an emblem of love. Lying at the middle of lush green gardens at the banks of River Yamuna, this beautiful memorial is the best place to spend some sweet moments with your beloved. Taj Mahal is magical with its changing colours; as the first rays of the sun touch its white structure, the monument has a soft red glow, while the midday Taj is glittering like a jewel and on a full moon night, it shines like a pearl.

The symbol of power- Agra Fort

agra fort

The red sandstone Agra Fort is a city in itself which also served as the shelter for Shah Jahan in his last years. From the halls of Diwan-i-aam, Diwan-i-khas to the mausoleums of Moti Masjid and Nagina Masjid, Agra Fort depicts the grandeur of the Mughals. The Sish Mahal or the mirror palace is a splendid creation of Mughal artisans, sparkling with pieces of mirror all around.

The symbol of elegance- Itmad-ud-Daula


Constructed by Empress Nur Jahan for her father, this tomb is the first marble architecture of the Mughals and is a blend of Islamic and Persian style of architecture.

The symbol of greatness- The tomb of Akbar

tomb of akbar

This tomb is dedicated to the greatest Mughal emperor, Akbar and is one of the impressive pieces of Mughal architecture. This cenotaph is beautifully adorned with stucco artwork, blue and golden coloured calligraphy and intricate carvings. Built with red sandstone, this tomb lies amidst lush greenery. Rest your tired feet at the Char Bagh of the tomb, watching the antelopes, chitals, peacocks and monkeys move around fearlessly.

The symbol of aura- Mehtab Bagh

mehtab bagh

Also known as the moonlight garden, Mehtab Bagh is the best place to view Taj Mahal far from the tourist crowd. The bright flowers, joyous fountains and cool shadow of trees of Mehtab Bagh offer a retreat to the stressed minds.

The symbol of divinity- Jama Masjid

jama masjid

The Jama Masjid of Agra is a small replica of that of Old Delhi. As you step into the mosque, crossing the gigantic Buland Darwaza, a new world opens in front of you with kids studying at the Koran school. The shrine of Sufi saint, Seikh Salim Chisti is also located here. With numerous paintings and its blue hue, this mausoleum creates a sacred atmosphere.

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The symbol of delicacy- Agra cuisines

agra cuisines

The Mughal era has left its mark on the delicacies of Agra. Enjoy a sumptuous meal of steamed hot biriyani with soft kormas, kebabs and spicy, yoghurt and nut curries. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the rose water flavoured petha and gajjaks. Dal moth is a delicious snack of Agra.

The symbol of culture- Agra shopping

agra shopping

Agra is known for exquisitely designed furniture which will enhance the beauty of your home. The small Taj Mahals and miniature paintings bear the artistic heritage of the city.

Hence a visit to Agra is a historical trip to the golden epoch of art and architecture.