Bordered by Assam in the West, Myanmar in the East, Arunachal Pradesh in the North, and Manipur in the South, Nagaland is a state in the North Eastern part of India. Overflowing with a fabulous mix of a heap of tribes, Nagaland is happy go lucky state. The Nagas know how to live and praise every single snippet of life, and in this way, an abundance of celebrations are commended here consistently. Come, take a sneak peek into this place that is known for celebrations in the midst of the grand time of the Hornbill Festival.

To reach Nagaland, especially by train, you can take the 14055 Brahmaputra Mail, and even track the 14055 running status online to be on time.

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Known as the Daddy of Festivals, the Hornbill Festival is celebrated each year in the first week of December. This is one celebration which displays the loftiness of this state in a brilliant scene. The Hornbill Festival was fused in the state by the Government of Nagaland in the year 2000, as an activity to teach and display the sentiment solidarity amongst its large number of tribes. The celebration is an excellent activity to bring the different scope of celebrations and societies of the different tribes under one major umbrella, along these lines, touting this celebration as the “Festival of Festivals.”

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Since, more than 60% of the number of inhabitants in Nagaland rely upon agribusiness for their living, the celebrations in Nagaland too spin around farming. They consider these celebrations hallowed and an inescapable piece of their way of life, and in this manner, each and everybody takes an interest in the merriments.

The Hornbill Festival is the best time to explore Nagaland in the best possible manner. This is on account of the fact that during these festivities, one gets the chance to comprehend their way of life, taste their food delicacies, watch their famous folk dances, and listen to their folk music amid this breathtaking time of merriments. The Hornbill Festival is held at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama, which is somewhere in the range of 12 km from Kohima.

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The real highlights of the Hornbill Festival are:

  • Sports, crafts, food delights, recreations, and functions
  • Conventional Naga Morungs Exhibition
  • Beauty Contests, Fashion Shows, Archery, Musical Concert
  • Conventional Naga Wrestling
  • Offer of expressions and specialties, flower shows, homegrown medicines, and so forth


One of the noteworthy highlights of this festival is the Hornbill International Rock Festival that is held at Indira Gandhi Stadium in which nearby and overall rock bunches perform. The festival is additionally a tribute to the hornbill, a bird most regarded by the Naga people for its qualities of status and significance. This heavenly being is associated personally with the social presence of the all inclusive community, as is evident in tribal tales, songs and dances. The wonderment and reverence for the bird is normally shown on all standard tribal headgears worn in the midst of good times.

Thus, pack your stuff, book the tickets, check the 14055 running status for included pre-trip association, and head up straight for this unrestrained party of life in Nagaland.