A healthy start of the day can help you to lead a healthy life. Whatever the place is, the habit to take a complete breakfast will keep you safe from many health problems. In fact the value of morning hours meal is very crucial for anyone and by missing your breakfast your chances to suffer heart related illness increases 27 percent. But beyond the health advantages going out for the healthy breakfast is also a social and fabulous experience. Here are the best breakfast meals and locations worth getting out of bed for you.

Breakfast At Nofara

A variety of healthy food items can be achieved here. It includes sunny fried eggs, baby spinach, cheese, butter, roasted beans along milk, tea and coffee. This healthy breakfast will provide you enough energy for the day activities.

Roasted Beans At Lime Tree Café

Go for the tangy sweet and spicy baked beans with rich tomato sauce in the Lime Tree Café situated in the mid of the city. The bread with these baked beans will be enough to meet your hunger requirements. This can be your start of the day.

Join Barasati For A Yummy Breakfast

If you like your egg with a sea perspective, then you need to take on Barasti’s Big Morning meal. An ideal reflection of the city and lifestyle that can be captured from this place. You will find a sirloin meal, apples, egg, tomato vegetables, legumes and egg-dipped toasted bread.

Harsh Waters Best Suits To Your Breakfast

What a great idea of having breakfast over the deep ocean. You can hire a luxury yacht in Dubai for this amazing and surprising experience. The hot seafood, fresh butter, eggs, yogurt and many other varieties will offer you a superb day starter. After getting enough amount of energetic meals you can get involved in various water actions for the rest of the day. Moreover your breakfast along the fresh morning air, heart touching morning sun and surrounding beauty of the ocean might keep you involved deeply.

Morning Meal At Café Bistro

If you are a fond of English breakfast then Café Bistro  is the best choice. You can go there without any other second opinion for the English food along with best varieties.

Crown And Line For Unique Starter

Another best suitable that can be definitely your choice is the Crown and Line restaurant. The place is famous for its English breakfast so guests from the European and Western countries can get their choice with the best items. Moreover if you are a football fan then the larger size TV screen will fulfill your desire with the sip of your hot coffee and healthy omelet.

Beside all the above information there are many other places where you can get best breakfast services. To add more fun of waters along with enjoyment to see the sunrise over the ocean you can go for the yacht charter services in Dubai during your Dubai trip.

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