Travelling overseas for business is undeniably demanding and draining on many levels.

Despite that, there are ways to cope with the challenges of a work trip and make the most of it. Importantly, in order to make it a successful business trip, you should take care of not only business concerns, but yourself as well.

According to the Skift Survey 2015; Certify Report: “What Business Travellers Prefer” 2015, 38.7% of travellers have poorer sleep, 22.3% choose to consume fast-food or skip meals when time is tight, and 41.7% cut down on exercise. Such neglect of one’s wellness would inevitably impact performance during business meetings and presentations.  


In order to be at your fullest potential and accomplish far more, it is essential to take note of how you can journey well and make it a successful business trip. Here are 3 must-have tips for you to journey well coming from someone who shuttles between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur on a regular basis:

Woman doing yoga on the roof of a skyscraper in a big city.
Woman doing yoga on the roof of a skyscraper in a big city.

1. For peace of mind: Refresh with a good night’s sleep

Ample and quality sleep the night before your all-important meeting is extremely crucial for a clear and calm mind. After a long flight or busy day of preparations, a relaxing warm shower before retreating into fresh, crisp hotel sheets will aid in curbing anxiety and help you settle down. Playing familiar and soothing music from your phone will also alleviate feelings of maladjustment. Another useful aid would be having black-out curtains for a peaceful sleep to wake up refreshed.

2. To stay focused throughout your day’s battle: Refuel with a nutritious breakfast

A nutritious breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, providing you with sustained energy to battle the day’s worth of meetings with vigour. Sustained energy will enable you to keep your mind on the tasks on hand, thus ensuring greater productivity and efficiency while you work. In order to save time and cost, it will be useful to have breakfast accessible in your hotel. An all-day dining restaurant would also be a convenient place to refuel with a short snack if you return to your hotel in between activities for a rest. Alternatively, a serviced residence or a hotel with in-room facilities such as a kitchenette gives you the option of preparing meals at your own convenience, and according to your dietary preferences.

3. To boost higher-order thinking skills: Recharge with a morning exercise

Scoring an outstanding business presentation goes beyond just having the best materials on hand. Your mind needs to be in top form too.  As reported in the Washington Post, research has shown that a single workout can instantly improve your brain’s executive function to boost higher-order thinking skills, such as the ability to formulate arguments and creatively solve problems1. Besides enhancing cognitive performance, finishing a morning exercise before your meeting will also reward you with a deserved sense of accomplishment, empowering you with optimism to conquer any challenge. Consider heading down to the gym or pool set against a greenery backdrop or the stunning Kuala Lumpur skyline. KL Forest Eco Park, where Kuala Lumpur’s only surviving primary tropical rainforest is, also offers you a tranquil space for a relaxing stroll.

Keeping in mind these 3 tips of refreshing, refuelling and recharging to journey well for a successful business trip in Kuala Lumpur, there are several hotels and apartments worth your consideration. For example, there is Oasia Suites Kuala Lumpur (opening in April 2016), a hotel with apartment suites situated conveniently in the Golden Triangle at the foot of Bukit Nanas. Another alternative is Sri Tiara Residences, which is set on a charming hillside in the exclusive neighbourhood of Taman Seputeh and close to Mid Valley.

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Elaine Seah is a veteran traveller, frequently shuffling between Singapore and Malaysia for work-related trips over the past 10 years. She is the Group Director of Brand Incorporated ( one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations agencies in Singapore and Malaysia.