South East Asia has gained the attention of backpackers from all over the world. The countries of South East Asia are budget friendly and offer the best of travel experiences. South East generally comprise of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Myanmar. These unexplored beauties have so much to explore.

Here are 10 reasons why South East Asia should be your next travel destination for the ‘Backpacking trip of a lifetime’.

Heaven For Budget Travellerssouth east asia tour

South East Asia is a very budget friendly destination. It’s easy to survive on 20 Dollars a day. Travelling, accommodation, food, shopping and other experiences are all in budget.

Travel well and comfortably

Travelling in South East Asia is a easy, pocket friendly and comfortable thanks to the massive train networks, extensive bus routes and budget flights & airlines, tuktuks (Local Rickshaws) and even boats and ferries.

Drink without worrying about the Tab

South East Asia is backpacker friendly. Drinking here is pocket friendly and you do not even have to worry about the tab. At almost every place except for Malayasia, alcohol is often cheap and affordable though at Langkawi it is duty free.

Let your Hair Down

The nightlife of South East Asia is the best. Bangkok is the most famed but others are not behind. Beach parties, live events, cultural shows, bars, pubs or nightclubs, the nights are the hottest.

Collect stories of a wonderfully diverse culturevietnam tour

In South East Asia you will find a largely Buddhist influence, a closer look reveals the presence of many other cultures of Hinduism, Islam & even Christianity in perfect harmony with each other.

Peek into the Rich Heritage

The merge and coexistence of different cultures in South East Asia has given rise to some of the most interesting features, architecture being one of them. Be it the creativity of Angkor Wat, attractiveness of the Malacca straits mosque in Malaysia or the peaceful monasteries of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

World food on one plate!

If you are a foodie backpacker, then South East Asia is one of the best places to treat your taste buds to flavors, smells and variety is simply unrivalled. Every country has its own specialty and you shall never get tired on binging on.

Picturesque beachesbeach tour

Except the landlocked Laos in Vietnam, South East Asia are blessed with beaches of picturesque beauty. The views are unbeatable, the waters pristine and the experiences blissful. From parties, adventures to simple relaxing you will never be out of options.

Shop till you drop

A backpacker rarely has budget or need to shop. But Shopping in South East Asia is pocket friendly, blessed with amazing varieties and you literally would like to take souvenirs of artifacts, jewellery, clothes, bags, footer and A grade knock offs.

The boost of adrenaline

South East Asia has the whole lot of adrenaline gushing adventures. From diving to climbing, from hiking to snorkeling and from bungee jumping to deep sea diving, adventure lovers will be in love with activities here.

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