Very often the visitors of Rome, being fascinated by the masterpieces of local architecture, just don’t pay attention to the green areas in the city, which cover in total over 40,000 hectares of land, and include agricultural areas, gardens, villas and public parks. Many of these places are so great that it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to resist the temptation to spend some time there. 
This article will reveal for you 10 places in Rome, where you can recover from the abundance of tourists crowding the city.

nature beauty in rome

Villa Borghese 
This villa is a kind of Roman version of the famous Central Park. Until the 17th century the territory was occupied by vineyards, and further on a beautiful park was laid out there. The park is quite large and features several interesting places – art lovers will appreciate a magnificent collection of the Borghese Gallery, animal lovers can check out the Biopark (a modern version of the open zoo), movie buffs can go to Casa del Cinema, sports fans can opt for cycling or jogging. In addition, you can boat on the lake, feed the ducks, arrange a picnic or just take a refreshing stroll there.

Villa Sciarra
Being erected on the site of the Caesar gardens, in the vicinity of Trastevere, this garden is a true gem, where you can observe the statues of Roman mythological creatures and fountains reproducing playful fauns. Some areas of the park are a full recreation of the Caesar gardens, while others are decorated with fountains and sculptures which were brought to the park from Milan three centuries ago.

Villa Pamphili
This vast park is among the most beautiful ones in Rome, mainly due to Villa Doria Pamphili, which is a large mansion with a yellow facade. You will be mesmerized by the gardens surrounding the villa and a beautiful pond with graceful swans floating in it. This is a great place for a picnic with friends.

villa pamphili

Villa Ada
Villa Ada is a large spacious garden, and a superb place for outdoor activities. You can rent there canoes and bikes, swim in a large public pool or get horseback riding experience. Also, you can just take a walk around the ennobled green alleys. If you’d like to combine exercising with cultural enrichment, then visit Monte Antenne, which is an old Roman settlement, where archaeological excavations currently take place.

Caffarelli Park 
This park is a monument of the Middle Ages, located almost in the center of Rome. The park features numerous attractions such as antique Grotto of the Nymph Egeria, magnificent groves, beautiful meadows and a farm, where ricotta cheese is still produced (you can purchase the cheese there). Pay attention, there are no restaurants or cafes in the park. So, you will have to be content only with drinking water from the fountains.

Janiculum Park
Janiculum Hill is usually full of visitors, because the view from its top strikes everyone. If you come there during the sunset, you can observe the terracotta rooftops immerse in golden sunlight and enjoy the glow of domes crowning the Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica. The whole city becomes filled with a pinkish light, which makes it especially charming. Everyone who witnesses this magical scene will fall in love with Rome forever!

Colle Oppio Park 
The park is situated on the southern ledge of Esquiline Hill.  It strikes with its magnificent gardens, numerous fountains and statues. Since the park lies in the historical part of the city, it’s surrounded by plenty of other architectural monuments. For example, not far from the park there is Trajan’s Forum, which appeared to be the most luxurious and one of the last forums erected in the ancient Rome.

colle oppio park

The Gardens of Villa Aurelia
Formerly, the gardens of Villa Aurelia were considered the property of the American Academy in Rome, and only a hundred years later, at the beginning of the 2000s they were open to visitors. The gardens are located on the crest of the Janiculum hill and are famous primarily for its amazing views of the city. But while visiting the gardens you can admire not only the city landscapes, but also such magnificent plants like rosemary and lavender, lemon trees, roses and magnolias – and these are just a small part of the garden’s treasure.

Farnese Gardens 
Farnese Gardens were planted in the 16th century on the city’s central Palatine Hill. In this wonderful place you can take a stroll, inspect the ruins of ancient buildings and ponder over the transience of life. Get ready for a long journey around the Archaeological Park, as there are a lot of temples, palaces and arches that you might want to explore. In addition, this place offers a great picture of Rome and the Capitoline Hill.

Orange Garden
This small charming garden full of orange trees is located on the Aventine Hill. You can take a bottle of white wine and come there with friends to have a great time and enjoy the city’s panorama. For sure, the fantastic views and the flavor of blossoming orange trees will make you forget about all your troubles.

orrange garden

You can reach all these places either by using public transportation or a rental car, which you’ll be able to return at any suitable time within your stay in Rome.

So, if while visiting Rome you want to take a little “time out” to recover from the hustle and enjoy the tranquility in some peaceful place, then head on to one of the city’s  graceful gardens and parks, which are great for picnicking, reading a book and just dreaming while lying on the soft grass.

Author Bio: Lily Berns tries to provide readers with useful info regarding their travels. She likes to find special places for pleasant vacation in Italy.